Greenpeace Cocktail

Greenpeace Cocktail was presented at the Ukrainian final of the Bar Academy Challenge 2019 by Diageo Bar Academy. The cocktail was created by Kostiantyn Hutnyk and awarded the Gold at the Competition. The concept of the drink is clear, concise and reflected in its name.


Greenpeace Cocktail:

Tanqueray London Dry Gin – 45 ml

Galliano l’autentico Liqueur – 15 ml

Sorrel Leaves – 5 gr

Fresh lime – 25 ml

Acacia honey- 22.5 ml

Saffron absinthe – spray of aroma


Solid and micro green, candy paper with picture


Muddle, shake and double strain


Wine glass with glass straw


©2019 All Ukrainian Bartenders Association (AUBA)

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