Felicità Coctail

Felicità Coctail by the Nominee ‘Best cocktails’ of the Vana Tallinn Speed Round Bartender Challenge 2019 – Tania Kozik/ Chef Bartender of the boutiquebar Biancoro (Ukraine, Kyiv).


‘Felicità’ Coctail:

Havana Club 3 Anos Rum – 4 cl

Vana Tallinn Original Liquor 40% – 2 cl

Lime juice – 3 cl

Monin Williams Pear “Monin” puree – 1 cl

Monin Cucumber syrup – 1 cl

‘Aleo Premium’ Aloe Vera drink – 10 cl

Method: Shake & Top with Aloe Vera drink

Glass: Highball

Garnish: Slice of pear with mascarpone cheese, blackberry, mint leaves and cane sugar


Felicità – is endless, total happiness that goes trough the whole Universe – this is summer, autumn, gentle wind, and changes – for better. And of course, peace all over the world, love and dream that everyone has. And more – art, which will never end…

And what bartenders all over the world are doing is art, which consists in creating new masterpiece and combining new tastes.

It brings a piece of happiness, for everybody of us, on this or that side of the bar.

And I want to give you the opportunity to experience happiness with the help of my cocktail.



Gepostet von Irina Mashykhina am Montag, 20. Mai 2019


©2019 All Ukrainian Bartenders Association (AUBA)

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