AUBA History

The birth of the All-Ukrainian Association of Bartenders began long before its registration in 2001. In the mid-90s, private bartender schools and regional public bartender organizations began to organize in Ukraine: Planet Z (1995), Kharkov Association of Bartenders (1995), Dnepropetrovsk Guild of Bartenders (2000), Golden Lemon (Dnepropetrovsk 2001 .), Crimean Association of Bartenders (2002)

In Ukraine, the bartender movement began, thanks to the pioneers, those who were not afraid to put their wealth and love for the profession of bartender on the scales.

Ukraine begins to learn the secrets of bartending skills, held regional, all-Ukrainian competitions, master classes. In parallel, the development of the classic preparation of cocktail and work in the style of flaring.

In 2003, Ukraine announced its participation in the International Barmen Association (IBA), having passed a 3-year probationary period, in Greece at a private meeting of IBA presidents in 2006, Ukraine became a full member of the Association and takes part in the international WCC / WFC IBA (International Cocktail Competition).

In 2007, on the initiative of the president of the All-Ukrainian Association of Bartenders Sergey Kodatsky, the bartenders ‘movement was unified under the flag, the only all-Ukrainian public bartenders’ organization “The All-Ukrainian Association of Bartenders”. The Association included such cities: Kiev, Kharkov, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Simferopol and Lviv, those barman organizations that promote: professionalism and decency, the desire to develop the profession of bartender and defend the interests of people who have connected their lives with this profession.

Representatives in the regions were the board of directors, people who developed this profession and created the spirit of unity of young bartenders, did not stop there and conquer the heights of excellence.

Since 2007, Ukraine has been actively participating in the WCC / WFC IBA International Cocktail Contest. Representatives of the All-Ukrainian Association of Bartenders participate in international training programs, master classes and conferences.

In Ukraine, with the support of the Association, regional and All-Ukrainian competitions of bartenders, master classes with famous bartenders, and educational programs are held.

Every year more and more bartenders and cities join the ranks of the NGO bartenders.

All-Ukrainian Association of Bartenders is a society of professional bartenders.